Welcome to the Pahl MicroBrewery Page. The Cottage Industry Brewery, established in 1995 by Eric James Pahl began with a dream and a lot of sanitizing crystals! Our 2 small breweries have grown over the years and are located in East Longmeadow and Palmer Massachusetts. Our beer styles range from Dark Irish Stouts to Light German Lagers. Since 1995 our motto has been: "Make more beer ... Give out less Samples!" This simple motto has driven us to create an outstanding product that through the years has been tweaked to perfection. It is a great time for home brewers and beer drinkers lately, there seems to be a Renaissance of quality beer making and an abundance of people getting into the craft. We hope to be one of the longest established and hopefully appreciated brewer in the area! When you get the chance, chill serve and enjoy a Pahl brew! Enjoy our website and peruse some of our beer labels and other information from the Pahl Brewery. 

Ein Prosit !

New Updates coming!! Greetings from the Pahl Microbrewery. The Lauter Tuns have been warming up and it looks to be another fine time of the year for brewing delicious beer. Soon the effrevescent bubbles and brussels lace will tickle your noses in the crisp fall air. Enjoy a homebrew on us.  


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