Snow Dog “East Coast” IPA
Classification: West Coast IPA, extract, dry hop

6 lbs.   Maillard IPA Super Structure LME
1/3 cup Crystal Malt (60 lovibond)
½  cup Belgian Pale Malt
1/8 cup Vienna Malt
Boil Hops
1½ oz. Cascade hops (60 min bittering)
1    oz. Falconers© Hops (Northern Brewer) (60 min bittering)
1    oz. Citra Hops (30 min flavoring)
½   oz. Cascade hops (2 min finishing)
1    oz. Falconers© hops (2 min finishing)
Dry Hops
2    oz. Citra (Dry Hop, 2ndary for 7 days)
1    oz. Falconers© hops (Dry Hop, 2ndary for 7 days)
1 teaspoon, Gypsum (60 minutes)
1 teaspoon, Irish Moss (30 minutes)
¾ cup priming sugar
¾ pkg. Safale 04 yeast
1 pkg. Wyeast American Ale II 1272


·        Grind grains in grain mill and add to 3-4 gallons water. Place and tie crushed grain in muslin bag.

·        Perform a simple mash infusion of the grains using the “tea bag” method.

·        Place grain in water and bring temp to 165° - 170° f. Cover and steep grains at this temperature for approximately 20 minutes. Be careful not to exceed 170°.

o   (Optional) Remove grain bag, place in strainer and “sparge” the grain twice and continue to sparge with 10 qt. of 160° water that you will boil in a separate pot. Add extracted liquid to mash.

·        Add all Malt Extract and dissolve thoroughly by stirring with a long handled spoon. (Remove from heat to avoid scorching), then add back to heat and resume the boil.

·        After 60 minutes add the gypsum and the 60 minute hops to the wort after the malt dissolves, sometimes it foams until the foam breaks into a boil, the break is what you need to wait for.

·        After 30 minutes into the boil, add the Irish Moss and 30 Minute hops

·        After 58 minutes, add the 2 minute hops (place in muslin bag to remove after 2 minutes)

o   (Optional) steep in the hot wort for 5-7 minutes by removing the wort from the heat and allowing it to sit covered with the lid. Skip for less hoppy nose, remove bag and discard after steeping.

·        Cool the wort with whatever means possible, a wort chiller is preferred. Cool to approximately 70-80°f.

·        Pitch yeast and aerate the wort by stirring the yeast into it.

·        Cover and Ferment, 7 -10 days primary, 7-10 days in secondary.

·        Dry Hop after transfer to secondary. Add dry hops to boiled muslin bags, float in secondary fermenter.

O.G.              1.058 – 1.060
F.G.                1.012 – 1.014



Bottling procedure requires boiling ¾ cup of corn sugar in 2 cups of water. Add sugar to boiling water, stir in completely. Set timer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. After transfer of beer to bottling bucket, add boiled corn sugar mixture without stirring or mixing the beer with oxygen. Bottle normal, wait 3 to 10 days before carbonation occurs naturally.