Pahl’s Best Bitter –                                               Batch Number            :                       Date:


Classification: American English BitterAle




3 lbs,                                       Amber Dutch DME

3 lbs,                                       Extra Light M&F DME

½ lb.,                                      Victory Malt

¼ lb.,                                      Cara Pils Malt

2 oz.,                                       Roasted Barley Malt

1 ounce,                                 Fuggles (flavoring) 60min

1 ½ ounces,                           East Kent Goldings hops pellets(boiling) 60 min

½  ounce,                               Northern Brewer hop plug (finishing) 10min

1 package,                             Brewing Salts

2 teaspoon,                           Irish Moss

1 package 11.5 g,                 Safale Dry Ale Yeast

¾ cup,                                    Brewing Sugar

50 caps,                                  Oxygen Caps if available









·         Crack malts and place in a muslin boiling bag. Add to wort pot filled with 4 gallons water. (Making sure to leave the muslin bag with enough room for expansion to allow for adequate mashing)

·         Bring wort to a boil and remove muslin bag when temp reaches 174 degrees.

·         Sparge grains with 175 to 180 degree water and then discard (mashing with the tea method).

·         Remove from heat. Stir in malt extract and dissolve thoroughly by stirring with a long handled spoon (make sure you have removed the wort pot from the burner when doing this to avoid scorching and caramelizing). Add the sparged water back to the boiling pot to bring the level about 2 inches from the rim of the brewing pot. Allow enough space to avoid boil over.

·         Add the brewing salts, boiling hops and flavoring hops to the wort and bring it to a boil. You will be  boiling the wort for approximately 60 minutes.

·         After 30 minutes into the boil, add the Irish Moss

·         After 50 minutes, add the finishing hops.

·         Cool the wort with whatever means possible, a wort chiller is preferred but you can submerge the pot in iced water in a large sink and let cool (keeping the pot covered at all times). Cool to approximately 70-80°f.

·         Pitch yeast and aerate(oxygenate) the wort by pouring it into the fermentor and stirring the yeast into it.

·         Cover and Ferment!









   *  O.G.:                1.054                                                       Actual:   O.G.:

   *  F.G.: 1.010 - 1.012                                                       F.G.: