Irish "Dark" Red Ale


Classification: Irish Ale



1 4 lb can, Montmellick Irish Export Ale

1 3.3 can, Amber Extract

lb., Cara Pils (Malto-Dextrin)

2 ounces, Fuggles Hops (boiling) 60min

ounce, Cascade Hops (finishing) 5min

1 package, Burton Brewing Salts

1 teaspoon, Irish Moss

1 package, Windsor English Ale Yeast

cup, Brewing Sugar

50 caps, Oxygen Caps if available



Some old yeast from a can of Montmellick was added to the wort after 30 minutes. This was suggested by BYO magazine. The dead boiled husks should act as an excellent filtering agent like the irish moss.


* O.G.: 1.051

* X.G.: 1.016 Actual: O.G.:

* F.G.: 1.016 - 1.012 F.G.: